Popping and Flopping – April



Spraypaint radio future

Our whole issue this month is dedicated to the arts, so we’d like to thank the dudes who hang out in Parque Central and use spraypaint and cardboard stencils to make pictures of planets. Their artwork looks like the covers of power metal albums. That shit is rad as hell. In a similar veing popping this month is Vision — Xela’s most recognizable and prolific grafitti artist. His distinctive squashed mushroom tag is visible in nearly every part of the city. From well-trafficked thoroughfares to busy parks on down to quieter corners, little plazuelas and intersections, obscure residential colonias, and the concrete overpasses and junked car lots on the outside of the city; the little mushroom is everywhere, once you start looking for it.



All dogs go to heaven

On a Sunday in late march, the police and several local animal rescue orgs raided a house in Xela. They found there ten live dogs and several more that had been recently slaughtered. The place looked a lot like an illicit dog meat operation.

Now, we’ve written about a lot of strange and unpleasant crimes here in the flopping section — grave robberies, Prensa Libre’s assaults on journalism, the lot. Farming dogs for meat? That’s a whole ‘nother balllgame. Be sure to double-check the kind of meat that you’re getting when you buy 3 x 10 on your drunken Saturday night walk home.

Bonus flopping this month: whoever held up and robbed a group of a dozen students coming down a nearby volcano. Seriously?

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