Popping & Flopping



Puppies R Adorable 

As an antidote to everything else here: PUPPIES! They are so cute and purified. The most precious and best amongst us. We like the way their eyes are so big compared to their heads. 

Please send us your puppy photos. If you find a puppy, bring it to the Dogs Of Xela project across from Shamrock. They’ll help you find it a home. 



Not good enough for hell 

Warning: unfunny and deadly serious obituary ahead. Rios Montt, a historical monster on the scale of Hitler or Pol Pot, was granted the sweet release of death last month. 

He didn’t deserve it. As president of Guatemala during the early eighties. Montt was the intellectual architect of Opera- cion Sophia; it was at his command that the army carried out a scorched-earth campaign in the Guatemalan highlands, wiping entire villages of Ixil Maya off the map. The internal conflict became a genocide. 

He got away with it, too – after a domestic conviction for crimes against humanity was overturned, Montt stalled the re- trial until his death. 

From the whole Xelawho staff: Fuck you, Rios Montt. Sí hubo genocidio. We’d write that you’re hanging out in Hell with Arzu and Byron Lima, but hell is too good for you. You’re nowhere and nothing now. May your crimes be remembered forever and your name ground into the dust. Hopefully now that you’re dead we’ll waste no more ink on your memory and get back to making jokes. 

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