Xelebrity – Stuck in Xela

Senorita Carmencita interviews XH Social Media Manager Sarah 

How long have you been in Xela for? 

That’s a very good question — time doesn’t seem to work here! But I arrived in Septem-ber 2015 and apart from a few stints back in Australia and travelling around Central America I’ve pretty much been based here since then.

What were you doing when you first arrived? 

I came to volunteer at Primeros Pasos and then I got a job there … then I met a Guatemalan boy… then it just
became pretty easy to stay! Now I’m teaching English, volunteering for AMA (Association Mujeres del Altiplano) and doing some freelance online work. 

Any recommendations for first timers in Xela? 

Make sure you get out of Zone 1 at some point! And just live in the moment and have fun — try something you might not try at home like salsa, football or hiking (definitely recommend La Muela or Cerro Quemado as an easy morning activity). I like it here that no one really asks about your past or future, everyone here is just enjoying the moment. 

Whats your favourite memory in Guatemala? 

There’s too many! I would say hiking volcanoes, lake trips … meeting the Guatemalan boy at Trivia Night at King and Queen. 

Whats the hardest part of being so far away from Australia? 

Missing my family and friends! All my friends are getting married and having babies so missing out on those milestones is hard. 

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