Popping & Flopping



Fuego erupted on June 3rd, burying the village of San Miguel de los Lotes under a river of hot ash heated to 700C. A desperate rescue effort followed, accompanied by a stirring nationwide mobiliza- tion of just about everyone. Hundreds of volunteers in Xela helped to coordinate relief. They brought truckloads of donations to the Bomberos Voluntarios and the Red Cross. So many people were buying supplies that local pharmacies began to run of out medicine.

One Xelawho editor witnessed a truly amazing sight. A small Japanese NGO called MAYSOL took a break from fostering organic egg farming to start up an egg sandwich assembly line. More than a dozen volunteers worked on their feet for over six hours, methodically assembling some 1300 sandwiches. They finished at one in the morning, and the sandwiches were trucked off to Escuintla before dawn. That kind of committment was everywhere in June, and Xelawho commends the spirit and community of Guatemala in the face of tragedy and adversity.



Who steals motos from the watchmen?

Someone stole a moto from outside Gobernacion this month. That’s right – the departmental government building between the SAT and Paisaje Enriquez, where you go if you need to review closed circuit surveillance footage of a crime that’s happened to you. Someone stole a motorcycle from right under their noses.

Stereo100 went and asked Govenor Juan Rosales about it. His response? “The delinquents are very astute.” Indeed they are, Governor. Indeed they are. You’re so bad at being a surveillance state we’re awarding you flopping for this month.


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