May 2009 Issue: Transitioning Into May in Xela

As the calendar here in Xela is on the cusp of May, it is hard not to notice some distinct and fascinating rhythms here in the Ciudad de los Altos. I spent my first Semana Santa here and was impressed with how our city interrupted its daily flow and devoted its entire attention the holiday. There was a distinct air of determination in how every Quetzalteco was either taking part in one of the scores of processions and their attendant preparations, getting to a vacation destination or dedicating time to family. And this went on for an entire week! Where I come from we’re out the frickin’ door for the shopping mall after one-day holidays.

As noticeable as the pageantry of Semana Santa was the eerie emptiness that followed. In the subsequent calm weeks in April, it’s hard not to reflect and wonder what hit you during that tornado-like week. How did you summon those magical powers, Xela? Then, as the week closed, you settled back into your day-to-day rhythm and hum, though certainly in a lower gear and in no hurry to put down your show feathers and warehouse them for next year. Gradually you returned to your normal routine, going about business in your own classy, unruffled way. Bravo, Xelajú.

And as the city slowly lurched back to business, Xela’s weather gods were working their own magic, busy pulling on their levers. In the course of a few days, Xela transitioned from dry, clear and crisp to hot, muggy and rainy. Where did you come from, humidity and thunderstorms? Hats off to you, too, rain gods.

On the arts scene, our fair city will also transition but will remain mainly en aire libre. I hope you caught some of the wonderful outdoor Festival de Música in April and will patronize the upcoming Asalto al Cielo poetry festival in May that will occur in many locations around town. See “¿Qué pasa Xela?” for a schedule of events. Our cartoonist, Martín Díaz, is one of the organizers and sums up the festival’s history and highlights here. Even if Spanish is not your first language, I suggest you attend with a friend or teacher to help you take advantage of such a rich and special cultural event.

Believe it or not, your 2009-May-front-coverteam is capable of transitions as well. This month you may begin to notice a subtle, intentional shift to give more attention to stuff beyond Zona 1, such as live music, Wi-Fi locations, etc.

Alright that’s enough transitions from me. Get cracking on transitioning through the May issue of XelaWho!

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