December 2008 Issue: Wish List

Life at XelaWho isn’t bad. Where else can I go to work wasted and wearingdec08 footed pajamas? Where else can I play The Avett Brothers at full volume and take hula hoop breaks? It’s hard to complain. However, December is the month of wishful thinking, so I compiled a small wish list of things that would make life at XelaWho a little sweeter, just in case there really is a Santa out there.

1. Anything but Microsoft Publisher 2007 in Spanish. All we can figure out is cortar and pegar.

2. A company Christmas party at the Xocomil water park

3. A company Christmas tree made of marijuana and Taiwanese empanadas , with Tortrix Twist ornaments

4. A team of diligent unpaid interns with training in graphic design, accounting, journalism, cartography, sales and marketing, web design, public relations, and photography

5. An office that isn’t my bedroom with a view that isn’t my closet

6. Journalistic integrity

7. Volunteer translators to write XelaQuien

8. A benefits package with 401(k) and health insurance, or at least some travel insurance

9. Full color and gloss

10. Edge

11. Letters to the editor

12. A hipster scene in Xela to teach us how to dress

13. A website that looks a little less circa 1998

14. The owner of a certain salsa club to pay us his debt

15. At least 7% growth next fiscal year (for the shareholders)

It’s a lot to ask for, I know. Things are pretty good the way they are. No need for much change. All I really want for Christmas is a ton of cash.

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