P o p p i n g

Cleaning up Xelatown

Recycling! We are all aware of the lack of participation in this practice here in Xela, as most public trash cans (permitting they have a bottom) are overfilled with plastic bottles and paper crumples, serving as vending machines for street dogs rather than alternatives to throwing Styrofoam pupusa plates (see “Street Food” article) into the city sewage grates. But think of this as your chance to do your part! Thankfully, there are places to properly dispose of recyclables, right here in Xelatown. Located just a few hundred meters from the Rotonda heading out of Xela on the way to Las Rosas, is a giant playground-like recycling center- where you can bring pretty much anything, and purchase pretty much anything recyclable! Another great spot is located just near Mercado Las Flores, a bit closer to Parque Central on 8th calle. This location can only receive specific goods, but happily take what they can and point you in the right direction of responsible places to dispose of your rubbish. They even pay you to take it!


F lo p p i n g

Broken Promises

Unlike our diligent readership, we here at Xelawho have been regretting some easily said, yet difficult to follow through on, New Year’s resolutions. Anywhere from holding back from purchasing the delicious Hershey’s Cookies & Cream bars from Paiz, to the dedicated 3x/day yoga routine goal, of which has yet to last even 1/3rd of a day. Every year ends with some outrageous recipe for a more fit, more beautiful, more environmentally sustainable you. Whatever your vice may be, be it a decadent falafel at Smoothies and Rum, a few delicious pitchers of Moza, or a twice-daily cookie from the bakery down the road, we here at Xelawho say, to hell with it. We won’t think twice about sitting down to a pulmon of Quetzalteca, cheersing to another edition of top-notch journalism.


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