August 2008 Issue: Going for Gold

The debate’s been heated this month at XelaWho HQ & Grill. Mostly, we’veaug08 been trying to decide which is the tastiest licuadomora con leche or pina con agua. We’ve also been trying to figure out what this month’s hot topic is – the Olympic Games or XelaWho’s third birthday.

They’re both groundbreaking, earth-shaking events, no doubt. It’s pretty much an established tradition that every August we dedicate an entire editorial to just how fabulous we are, followed by some groveling to our advertisers and then some self-deprecating humor.

But then, we’re talking the Olympics, man… Once every four years the world’s best (theoretically) drug-free (nominally) amateur athletes get together to perform archaic feats in pursuit of little metal discs.

And in the time-honored XelaWho tradition of indecision, we decided that they were equally important.

So let’s get the first bit out of the way… We rock, our writers and contributors are superstars and our advertisers should be nominated for sainthoods. The magazine? Well, three years down the track, we’re still Quetzaltenango’s leading culture and nightlife magazine. That’s gotta count for something, right?

And at this point, if we were at all passionate or artful about what we do, we’d segue effortlessly into the Olympics theme.

The Olympics floats our boat for multiple reasons, only one of them being that they’re a fine excuse to park it on the sofa for two weeks of nonstop vicarious sporting achievement.

We also get the joy of becoming experts in sports that, for the next four years we could give less than a crap about, just because our respective countries win medals in them. The Australians and swimming. The North Americans and gymnastics. The Bulgarians and hammer throw.

Maybe you caught the media kafuffle surrounding China hosting this year’s Olympics. Detractors say that, given China’s human rights record, this sends a bad message to the international community.

If we may add our own, admittedly vacuous opinion here, we’d like to note that, being that countries like the USA, Australia and Russia have all played host recently, the horse has pretty much bolted on that one.

So there you have it friends. Your classic two-in-one editorial. And if you’re wondering, we’re leaning towards mora con leche, but we’ll let you know next month.

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