P o p p i n g


There’s just something about snow that gives it an uncanny ability to turn even the most mature and responsible of us into excited little children – itching to go out and play, build snowmen with carrots, scarves and buttons, go sledding recklessly down the steepest hills you can find and launch snowballs at unsuspecting passers-by. Those Canadians out there, or others that come from ridiculously cold countries, may laugh at all the newspapers reporting on the “high levels” of snow in San Marcos when it only amounts to an inch or two. But snow in Guatemala is a pretty rare occurrence – 2009 was the last time Guate experienced any snow, and that time it only reached the high points of the volcanoes. So let’s let everyone enjoy it whilst it lasts (which let’s face it, will probably only be a day or two). And to the people of San Marcos: build some snowmen for us here folk here in Xela, who will still be freezing our nuts off at night-time, but without the added prospect of being able to throw snowballs at each other.


F lo p p i n g

Poor start for Guatemalan football

2013’s Central American sporting season (and by sporting season we mean football season, since that is the only real sport that exists for the majority of people here) got off to a kick this January with the biennial Copa Centroamericana. Well, it got off to a kick for the rest of Central America, but not so much for Guatemala, who performed rather abysmally. Guatemala came second to last in their group, consisting of Costa Rica, Belize and Nicaragua. They didn’t manage to win a single match, but instead drew all of them: 1-1 with Nicaragua and Costa Rica (with Contreras and Espinoza scoring one goal each) and 0-0 with Belize. They then went on to play Panama for fifth place in the tournament, but ended up losing 3-1. So overall Guatemala came 6th out of 7 in the tournament, outperforming only Nicaragua, which isn’t exactly much of an achievement given they are the only country in Central America where baseball is more popular than football. Come on chaps, you can do better than that!


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