June 2008 Issue: Come On, Get Happy!

First, let’s get our terminology straight: Here in the Land of the Eternaljune08 Spring, there is no such thing as spring. You got your Dry, which is generally warm days/cold nights, and your Wet, which tends to be warmer (well, cool days/cool nights), thus explaining why it never snows here*.

But hey – the sun’s out, but not scorching. There’s a bit of rain, but no flooding. Little birdies are chirping in the trees and the flowers are blooming. The hell with it. We hereby declare that spring has arrived.

Spring kicks ass for various reasons. It’s a time of year traditionally associated with rebirth, and, dare we say it, lerrrv. Accordingly, Xela feels like it’s going through a little confidence boom these days. June sees the opening of the Los Chocoyos Cultural Center and the Jesús Castillo Cultural District, the ACSA international arts festival and a mountain of interesting exhibitons at the recently-opened Casa No’j.

The reforestation people are out on the hillsides, digging and planting. Old folks are holding hands in the Central Park and young couples are hooking up in some dark corner of La Rumba.

Xela, which for a while there we ironically called the Cradle of Culture is buzzing with activity this month – there are exhibitions, outdoor concerts, big name international musicians, street theater, movies… even an opera performance… most of it free, all of it open to the public, which means you and me and the guy sitting next to you on the bus reading over your shoulder.

Who knows – they may even finish work on the airport this month. Ha!

All in all, it’s an awesome time to be in town. Regardless of if you’re a newcomer or a long-timer, if you’re here for June, you’re about to see some of the best that Xela, Guatemala and Latin America have to offer.

Spring on!

* Due to the effects of global climate change, these meteorological observations should be taken as a guideline only. XelaWho will not be held responsible for freak blizzards, droughts, floods or any other climactic deviations that may occur. Please hang your washing accordingly.

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