August 2007 Issue: Happy Birthday to Us

Two years is a long time in the magazine business. Many marriages don’taug07 even last that long, so this month we’re feeling particularly entitled to gloat.

If you can get your hands on one of the highly collectible first issues of XelaWho, you’ll see we’ve come a long way. We’ve tripled in size (mostly due to our inability to produce concise copy), upped circulation, widened distribution and added a revolving cast of contributors to keep things interesting.

The guidebooks love us (Frommer’s lists as one of the top 5 websites in Guatemala), backpackers hunt us down and the older expats loathe us.

All, bascially, is right in the world.

XelaWho comes together each month thanks to a careful mixture of precision planning and last minute panic. Many people work hard to make sure the mag hits the streets before the first of the month. As for the editorial team – bunch of drunken loafers… thumb-twiddling deadwoods… hopeless, excuse-making clowns… you can pretty much take your pick.

Some (but probably not all) of the folks who deserve a special mention here are the almost frighteningly-organized Ana Marie Madison, stand-in editors Andrew Huckins and Brian Benson, regular contributors Pedro Rodriguez, Carlos Poza and Chris Perras, cartoonist Zaira Hernández, Web dude Michael Norman and our man in San Pedro, Steve Pattinson.

Four other groups deserve big ups. Firstly, our advertisers – without you, XelaWho would be a photocopied page available exclusively in my lounge room.

Second, the artists and performers who fill our events pages each month. We know you work hard and get paid little, but without you Guatemala would be a much less interesting place to be.

Third, the business owners who provide a space for live music, art, theater, film, DJs, etc. Without you, there would be no XelaWho.

And lastly, the readers. Every time you visit one of our advertisers with a XelaWho in hand, you bring us one step closer to putting out the next edition.

Enough from me. See you next year.

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