P o p p i n g

New transport system on the cards??

Before we go on with our Popping section for this month, we need to issue the warning that this piece of “news” is solely based on promises made by local politicians, both incumbent and aspiring, and so relying on them to bear fruit is about as useful as relying on the weatherman to tell you whether its going to rain or not tomorrow. But anyway, cynicism aside, according to El Quetzalteco, there has been some talk, and rather wishy-washy promises, going around Xela’s political circles about finally trying to upgrade Xela’s inner-city transport system. There’s certainly a lot of enthusiasm for the idea amongst Xela resident, for whom the fun of holding onto the railings of a minibus for dear life as its hurtles through the city is starting to wear thin. It’s  going to certainly take some ingenuity to come up with something that works though, since our streets are too narrow for a Trans-Metro style system. So don’t go expecting anything anytime soon!


F lo p p i n g

Las Americas underpass

Those of you who were lucky enough to be around in Xela for the pheeeeenomenonally long time is took the municipality to construct the underpass on Avenida Las Americas, will, we’re sure, be pleased to know that the structure is already collapsing and, if gravity has anything to say, will shortly transform the underpass into simply an overpass. Numerous complaints have  been sent to the municipality to warn them of the underpass’ precarious situation, but so far people there seem to be more than happy to just sit and watch it fall down. Heck, we put the thing up for you all, we hear them saying, what more could you want from us?! Leave it to the next administration to sort out any problems!


International Women’s Day

March 8th marks the date of International Women’s Day, an event respected worldwide to celebrate women’s economic, social and political achievements; to show appreciation for the work and lives of women across the globe; and to raise awareness on issues and challenges still confronting women  in countries worldwide.

It’s a particularly important date for us here in Guatemala to remember and respect: Guatemalan women continue to suffer from disproportionately high levels of poverty, discrimination, malnutrition and illiteracy. Violence against women is also currently showing little sign of abating: in 2012 alone over 700 women were murdered and very few of their killers prosecuted.

So we encourage our readers to do something special for the occasion, whether its donating some time, money or resources to the many great organisations working on gender issues in the region (such as Nuevos Horizontes; EntreMundos can also put you in touch with some others, see ad p19) or simply showing your appreciation   for the event, or for any women in particular that inspire you or have had a great impact on your life. There are also some events going on in Xela to celebrate the day, so check out our Que Pasa Xela section for more info.



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