April 2007 Issue: An Open Letter to PCSTMLs

I’ve always wanted to write an open letter, a fiery, provocative manifestoapr07 that changes lives and deeply moves the recipient. Unfortunately, my fragile ego is too terrified of failure and rejection, so the only safe way to go about said letter is to write it as I scurry, tail between my legs, out of town.

Employing the investigative skill for which XelaWho is globally esteemed, in the past months I have witnessed and recorded the growth of a community of extranjeros best described as Pompous Cynics with Short Term Memory Loss (PCSTMLs).

PCSTMLs are fairly easy to identify and should be avoided at all costs. They have generally traveled extensively, have been in Xela for at least three months, and are now comfortably settled in their position as Spanish School International Coordinator, Director of Transformative Paradigm Shifting at a local NGO, or Editor of XelaWho. Most importantly, they have never been new to anything or anywhere, and accordingly mock those who are.

I feel somehow that I need to speak out; need to “embrace the great responsibility that comes with power,” or whatever it was that Spiderman’s uncle said before that junkie killed him.

PCSTMLs, please listen. We all arrived in Xela long ago, excited by possibility and unsure of our surroundings. If it wasn’t Xela, it was another place we came to without a social network. And if it wasn’t that, it was freshman year of high school, cowering in a toilet stall while heartless seniors threw wet toilet paper rolls over the door. Hate you, Jarrod Pitts. Hate you.

But I digress. The point is that we’ve all been newbies before, and have all in some way had the same “stale” conversations, spoken horrendous Spanish, and exhibited the same relative naiveté we now poke fun at to make our fellow PCSTMLs laugh. So, let’s keep some perspective on where we’re coming from before getting too self-righteous.

And if you’re really so annoyed by those who come to Xela without your hard-earned wisdom, it may time to pack up.

Speaking of, I’m doing exactly that. Not because I hate you (see teddy bear on February cover for an idea of how sweet and cuddly I am), but because the real editor, Lucas Vidgen, is coming back and putting an end to my playtime. I want to thank him for giving me the opportunity to force you all to read what my dumb ass has to say, and wish you all the best or something sincere like that.

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