August 2006 Issue: Happy Birthday to Us!

We here at XelaWho like to keep things low key.august06

Ahem. Let me try that again, this time with a bit of sincerity.

XelaWho magazine, generally accepted as a world leader in self-promotion would like to take some special time out this month to blow our own bugle just that little bit harder.

What you are looking at is our First Anniversary Special. What’s so Special about it? Nothing. Except for the fact that we’ve managed to plaster on the plastic smile and pump out our now-familiar brand of vaguely informative horsedung for a year now.

A whole year. Imagine that.

It hasn’t been easy. But then again, we haven’t been busting our asses teaching English, either. Let’s just say it’s been somewhere in the middle.
We’ve survived hurricanes, bad debts, shonky print jobs, been offered bribes (which we readily accepted), received threats (which we fearfully ignored). It’s even been suggested that we change our underwear more frequently (an item that’s definitely on the agenda for our next Strategic Planning Meeting).

We’ve spawned a mini-imitator, something we like to call XelaWho Lite. In terms of the Guatemalan business scene, there is no higher mark of success.

Who woulda thunk it?

People often ask if I produce XelaWho alone, and I say yes, which is, of course, a massive lie. Filling the spaces between all these ads is harder than it looks and full, belated credit goes to the following: photographers Andrew Huckins and Vicky Clarke, graphic artists Zaira Hernández and Pablo Armas (from Lunes Cansados), image crunchers Pedro and Carlos Valdez from Infinito Internet, regular trekking guru and Quetzaltrekker Rick Stewart and a revolving cast of blow-ins and one hit wonders like Kevin “Galen” Huckins, John Walker, Elizabeth Johnson and Adam Garret-Clark.

I guess somebody out there might want to know what big plans we have for the upcoming year.

We don’t have any – we’re just going to keep on cranking out the same sarcastic dribble month after month until we get bored.

Got a problem with that? Start your own magazine, sunshine.

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