June 2006: Xela’s Revolving Door Keeps Spinning

june“Living” in a tourist town like Xela is weird. One of the great things is always making new friends – the flip side being constantly saying goodbye to old ones.

This endless hello/goodbye is, of course, an excellent excuse for beer drinking (yeah, like we need an excuse…) and it doesn’t really matter that eventually nearly everybody comes back. That just means more beer drinking.

This month marks a particularly poignant moment for us at XelaWho, as we say goodbye to one of our Master Cylinders: Andrew Huckins.

Andrew joined us as a photographer in the early days and his insightful, concise commentaries (“Dude. That section is so lame.”) did more to formulate the XelaWho style than he will ever know.

His steadfast work ethic and willingness to hang around the office after hours chatting up the women in the typing pool were an inspiration to us all.

Over the months, Andrew navigated the bureaucracy and office politics of the XelaWho organization and rose up through the ranks, finally taking over as Editor in Chief when the rest of the editorial team went slacking off around South America.

And he did a better job than the rest of us put together, the little smartass.

Andrew Huckins: slightly above-average photographer, woeful speller, total pants bandit – we’ll miss you, buddy.

Until you come back, that is, you predictable little monkey.

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