P o p p i n g


You may not know it, but Xela’s nickname is the Cradle of Culture, which at some times seems like a cruel joke and at others fits the bill perfectly. It seems like we’re on an upswing, though – last month’s FLEX literary festival was a raging success and May’s Xelajú Es…  looks to be every bit as good as last year’s. Add to that the excellent exhibitions coming out of Casa No’j and the Ciudad de la Imaginación and newcomers like Nativos Café and the solid film schedule offered by the Casa de los Tiempos and it looks like Xela’s cultural scene is healthy once again.

Now if we could only get the Casa de la Cultura and Municipal Theater to start supporting emerging artists, we might actually get somewhere…


F lo p p i n g

Skate Park Drama

A little over a year after its grand opening, Xela’s skate park is hitting tough times. Neighbors are complaining that the site is being used more for drug and alcohol abuse than ollies and rail slides and the Municipality (who put up Q1 million for the park’s construction) say they can’t afford to provide security and are looking around for someone to administer it. A couple of local sports organizations have expressed interest, but there’s no word yet if entry to the park will remain free.


Expat Philosophy

Let’s face it: Expats are dicks. And I know, because I’m one of them. It’s like my friend Tom says, we’re all here because we’re either Wanted or not wanted back home. Sometimes, though, every once in a very seldom while, usually by mistake and under the influence of alcohol an expat will say something worth repeating. The XelaWho team recently racked their brains for such overheard pearls of wisdom, and here’s what we came up with from over 10 years of biting our tongues…


On ‘the system’

“Everything works here. Just not in a way that you could ever possibly imagine”.


On the political left

“They’re like a bunch of blind monkeys, getting lead by nobody”


On getting things done

“Hey – as long as you go in with stacks of money, unlimited time and no expectations of success whatsoever, you’ll be fine”


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