We Can Stand the Rain

We know what you’re thinking: This patch of weather is so awesome that there’s no way it can ever end. Well, sorry to pop your bubble, friends, but INSIVUMEH, the snappily-named government department in charge of forecasting the weather (who, incidentally, are no more useless than their international counterparts) have sounded the death knell: The rainy season is coming, and it’s coming on May 1.

But before we start busting out old Ann Peebles songs (anybody? no? TGF google…) can I just remind you that every cloud does in fact have a silver lining? Even if that cloud is responsible for the downpour that has sent your house sliding down the nearest embankment.

Rainy season rocks for the following reasons:

1. It only rains in the afternoon, so quit your bitching already.

2. The rain provides the perfect cover for either a) doing nothing in the afternoon, or b) pretending to plan on doing something, but then having the perfect excuse for why you can’t actually follow through with it.

If you have invested in any type of waterproof footwear you also get the added bonus of the childlike glee afforded by stomping through ankle-deep water, an activity which will soon become available on every surface that sits at an incline of less than 30 degrees (including, but not exclusive to, your own patio if you have forgotten to clean out the drains. Which reminds me…).

Another bonus of rainy season (provided that you don’t live in Zona 2) is that you get to feel all smug about the fact that you don’t live in Zona 2, as that area was built on a flood plain that used to be a river-fed swamp.

God bless those daredevil early city planners. They really knew how to make other people live on the edge.

Even a mild drizzle will see the entire zone a meter deep in manky drain water as residents resignedly perform the annual ceremony of moving all their belongings up onto the second floor while the people who live in one-story houses start calling relatives who have extra space on their second floor. It’s a regular media event and the only really surprising thing is that it gets reported as if it were some great surprise, year after year. Film at 11.

So snuggle up with a good book or whatever your favorite vice is, and get ready to ride it out folks: here in the Land of the Eternal Spring, the next scheduled spring-like weather is due about six months from now.

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