August 2005 (Premiere) Issue: With Great Responsibility Comes a Very Ordinary Writing Style

For starters, welcome to this, the very first issue of XelaWho, Quetzaltenango’s leading culture and nightlife magazine.

That may seem like a pretty big claim, until you reflect that this is Quetzaltenango’s only culture and nightlife magazine. We think we’re on pretty safe ground there.

The reasons why we started the mag (apart from dreams of untold riches) are a few: One – there isn’t much up to date English language info on Xela around, and what there is doesn’t strike us as very interesting. Two – despite it’s small size, it can be pretty hard keeping track of what’s going on in Xela, and often you hear about stuff that’s happening tonight (when you already have plans) or, worse, that happened two days ago (and was absolutely amazing, of course). We think there’s a need to gather all of the random bits of information and put them in one place that’s freely and easily accessible.

Some people have asked if we’re going to go bilingual. The short answer is no. We’re all English speakers here (some more so than others) and while most of us can bluff our way through Spanish conversations, we want to keep the focus on Stuff for Travellers to Do. The directory and nightlife sections are designed to be legible for non-English speakers, and the rest, well, that’s just infotainment, and Lord knows there’s enough of that in Spanish around…

A word on how we work: The beautiful print job that you hold in your hands was paid for by our sponsors, ads for whom are scattered throughout the mag. We can’t survive without them, but at the same time, we don’t accept cash for comment, and will never steer you to a place we think sucks, just ‘cuz they’re forking out the bikkies. We do ask that if you go somewhere you see advertised in these pages, that you tell the people there “lo vi en revista XelaWho” (I saw it in XelaWho magazine). This way they know that their advertising money is paying off, and we may just stay afloat past the crucial second edition.

OK. Enough from me. Read on – and remember, if you have any comments, suggestions, gripes or financial contributions, we’d love to hear from you at

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