About XelaWho

Since its founding in 2005, XelaWho has been Quetzaltenango (a.k.a. Xela), Guatemala’s favorite monthly culture and nightlife magazine.  Written in a casual style, XelaWho covers a wide range of topics interesting to travelers and locals alike.  Some of our regular features include:

  • “Spotlight On”, a profile of an artist or cultural resource
  • “Daytripper”, a local getaway one can reach within a day’s trip from Xela
  • “¿Qué onda vos?”, a guide to speaking Spanish Guatemalan style
  • “¿Qué pasa Xela?”, Xela’s most comprehensive events calendar
  • “Barfly”, a “who’s who” photo gallery from Xela’s hot nightlife scene
  • An ongoing comic series by local cartoonist, Martín Díaz
  • A monthly update on the Xelajú MC Superchivos pro soccer/football squad
  • A FREE classified advertisement section

In addition, XelaWho features a wide range of articles that look at different aspects of life here in the Ciudad de los Altos.

Besides its editorial content, XelaWho is also Xela’s most comprehensive business directory.  A great number of Xela’s most reputable businesses – from cafes/restaurants to hotels/hostels,  Spanish schools to tour companies and nightclubs to spas and shops – use XelaWho to spread their message.

The name XelaWho, by the way, is a play on Quetzaltenango’s original Mayan name, i.e. Xelajú, which is still commonly used today.

If you are interested in contributing an article to XelaWho, placing an advertisement or bugging us for any reason, please visit our contact page.