Food Delivery Guide

Xela’s a great place to eat out, no argument there. But sometimes even the thought of boiling a noodle seems like too much effort. So in the interests of avoiding malnutrition, we bring you the XelaWho Dial-It Directory…

Aquí Me Quedo (7765-4063) Easily the biggest selection of home-delivered food in town: pizzas, sandwiches, crepes, soups, salads, pasta, veggie options & more. Check out their ad below.

A La Gran Pizza (7761 9171)  A traditional wood-fired oven & a good selection of Italian-style pizzas on offer for 2-for-1 Tuesday and Thursday, you can’t go wrong here. Q100 minimum order.

Giuseppe’s (7761-2521) For a thicker crust, American-style pie, this is the place to call. Those who like their pizzas cheesy enough to cause a cardiac arrest should try the “Three Cheese.” The spaghetti carbonara’s a winner, too.

Woon Kook (7763-5394) Chinese food like you’ve had it all over the world (except, maybe, in China). The special fried rice is a favourite, & the Peking duck is not to be missed.

Zakennayo (7763-1010) Go for a classier, less greasy, Asian option with some home delivered sushi from Zakennayo!

El Portal de la Quinta (7761-0852) One for the meat lovers – some seriously satisfying gourmet burgers that are bound to fill a hole.

Los Cebollines (1715) Tasty, if slightly overpriced, Tex Mex food. Good Margaritas, but we’re not sure if they deliver them, too…

El Burralón (7761-4410) Home delivered burritos? Bring it on. We recommend the mega combo.

Pollo Campero (1777) Guatemala’s KFC clone comes in two varieties – greasy n’ salty & greasier n’ saltier. ¡Buen Provecho!

Monte Alto (7761-1284) – Your number 1 option for dessert comes from Monte Alto, makers of the tastiest cakes in Xela! Also serve a selection of sandwiches, pasta dishes, tacos, pizzas, salads and soups.