Spotlight On (Arts & Culture)

“Spotlight On” is XelaWho’s regular monthly series on all things cultural & artistic in Xela and Guatemala. Click on the title to read the article.

Francisco Marroquin

(published September 2010)

Elena Alvarado looks at the life of Guatemala’s busiest bishop

Paco Perez: The Man Behind the Moon

(published July 2010)

Elena Alvarado explores the life of one of Guatemala’s favorite composers.

(published June 2010)

Dorcas Shiloj looks at the work of Guatemala’s Favorite/Only Nobel Lit Laureate.

Rodolfo Robles

(published May 2010)

Elena Alvarado looks at the man who gave his name to buildings, schools, roads and one major disease.


(published April 2010) 

Diana Pastor reports on everybody’s favorite Italian cover duo.

Efraín Recinos

(published March 2010)

Diana Pastor has a closer look at Guatemala’s renaissance man.

What’s up with Casa No’j?

(published February 2010)

Diana Pastor examines the mysterious goings-on at Xela’s most active cultural center. 

Ángel Rodas

(published January 2010)

The Guatemalan Michael Jackson, by Diana Pastor.

Nativity Scene Traditions

(published December 2009)

Diana Pastor looks at some familiar and unfamiliar ways to celebrate Christmas.

Day of the Dead Traditions

(published November 2009)

Diana Pastor gets her fiambre on.

Pasaje Enriquez

(published October 2009)

Diana Pastor takes a stroll through Xela’s architectural gem.

Hugo Cité

(published August 2009)

James Gray swoons to the local Latin Pop crooner.

Rodolfo Valladares

(published July 2009)

Martín Díaz checks out his family tree and finds a famous Guatemalan cartoonist.

Asalto al Cielo Poetry Festival

(published May 2009)

Martín Díaz checks the line-up at one of Latin America’s most important literary events.

Fernando Juárez

(published April 2009)

The XelaWho Rhythm Minister sits down twith the mutli-talented Mr Juérez.

Los Vigilantes del Funk

(published March 2009)

XelaWho gets schooled on Life, the Universe and the meaning of Funk.

Alberto Velarde

(published February 2009)

Has Elvis Latino left the building? XelaWho investigates.

Soltura Jazz

(published January 2009)

XelaWho checks out Xela’s favorite international jazz ensemble.

Xela Rugby FC

(published December 2008)

XelaWho gets in the scrum to find out what’s up with Xela’s other football team.


(published December 2008)

Xela’s favorite DJ collective lays down some tracks for us.


(published Novenber 2008)

Latin rocker heartthrobs? XelaWho’s got your back.

Sussan Villagran

(published May 2008)

XelaWho catches up with a promising young photographer to rap a little about inspiration, method and door knockers.

Artzénico Theater Troupe

(published April 2008)

Absurdist theater in Xela? Why not?

Omar Reyes

(published March 2008)

An interview with the Xela-based Trovador.

Hike+Help Tour Company

(published March 2008)

They hike. They help. Get it?

Otto Mora

(published February 2008)

A veteran Xela musician keeping trova and the blues alive.


(published February 2008)

The Appropriate Technology Development Group makes cool stuff for people who need it.

Sombrero Negro

(published January 2008)

They’re Rumba, they’re Cuban, they’re Bolero and they can pull off a passable salsa and tango.


(published December 2007)

Kiddie punk is alive and well in Xela.