Daytripper: Cool Trips. Close By.

Daytripper is XelaWho’s regular monthly series on day trips within easy reach of Xela.

Finca Valhalla

(published October 2010)

Steve Mullaney hangs out with a guy who likes to play with his nuts.

The Copavic Glass Factory

(published September 2010)

Steve Mullaney takes a daytrip that really blows. Glass, that is.

Getaway-way to Huehue

(published August 2010)

Steve Mullaney takes us on a whirlwhind tour of the cultural Mecca that is Huehuetenango.

Making a Splash at Xocomil

(published July 2010)

Chris Warren takes you to everybody’s favorite waterpark, just down the road from Xela.

Las Cumbres

(published June 2010)

Alyssa Huff reports on the best deal out of town for couples looking for romantic getaways.

Aguas Amargas

(published April 2010)

Steve Mullaney reports on everybody’s second favorite hot springs.

Sunrise on the Road

(published March 2010)

Traveling editor James Gray sees the light on the road from Huehue to Xela.

Laguna Chicabal

(published February 2010)

This month we visit the Laguna Chicabal, a lovely volcano crater lake surrounded by Mayan religious sites.

San Cristóbal Totonicapán

(published January 2010)

Just down the road from Xela, this little town is home to the second-oldest church in Central America.

San Andrés Xecul

(published December 2009)

We take you to the home to one of Guatemala’s most unique and unusual churches.

San Cristóbal de las Casas

(published November 2009)

Come with us on a visa run to San Cristóbal de las Casas, the Other Cool Mayan Highland City.

San Francisco el Alto

(published September 2009)

Diana Pastor makes the scene at the slightly less famous San Francisco.

Loma Linda

(published August 2009)

Luisa Ditmars takes on a rainforest adventure.

Kayaking Lake Atitlán

(published July 2009)

Juan Manuel Rodilla and Sean Wallace go the long way around.

Swimming in Retalhuleu

(published June 2009)

James Gray escapes the mountains and gets hot and sweaty.

El Alprisco

(published May 2009)

Gregorio Torres visits Toto’s community reserve to see what’s been going on in the last ten years.

Hike to Valle Paraiso Swimming Pools in Almolonga

(published March 2009)

Cynthia Ord and Elise Burnet draw you a map to the sweetest swiming hole around.

Finca Santa Anita

(published August 2008)

Travis Harvey goes bush and meets up with some coffee-growing ex-guerillas.

Playing With Fire, the Mirador Overlooking Santiaguito

(published May 2008)

Kathi Dunkel gets a closer look at Xela’s smoky neighbor.

Xocomil Water Park

(published April 2008)

So good we reviewed it twice.

Vulcan Tajumulco

(published March 2008)

Justin Hake goes for a wander up Central America’ s highest peak.

Sunrise Over Atitlán

(published February 2008)

Who needs a chicken bus when you can walk to the most beautiful lake in the world? Tad Bradley investigates.

Santa Maria, A Full Moon Adventure

(published January 2008)

See that big mother on the horizon? Tad Bradley walks up it at night, just to check the view.

Climbing Into the Vapors

(published December 2007)

Bryan Friedrichs climbs some rock, then gets hot and steamy at Los Vahos.

Siete Cruces

(published November 2007)

Charlie Krause finds there’s more to do around Fuentes Georginas than laze about in the hot tub.

The Stone Slides in the Park Atop El Baul

(published October 2007)

Christopher Perras takes a breather up on El Baul.


(published September 2007)

We love Santiaguito. So does Fedor Petrenko and the rest of the Quetzalttrekkers.

The Santa Maria Lookout

(published June 2007)

Not quite ready to go all thet way to the top? Rick Stewart gets you close.

The Lava Fields

(published May 2007)

Rick Stewart takes you to the funkiest sanbathing spot around.

The Baths of Life

(published April 2007)

Brian Benson goes waaay out there, in search of hot water.

Towards Llanos del Pinal

(published March 2007)

Rick Stewart goes for a stroll in the countryside.

The San Cristobal Waterfall

(published February 2007)

You’ve seen it. You’ve smelt it. Rick Stewart tells you how to walk to it.

The Las Majadas Circuit

(published October 2006)

Rick Stewart takes you on a little-known walk, just out of town.