On the Road Guatemala

“On the Road Guatemala” is XelaWho’s somewhat-regular series on interesting travel destinations throughout Guatemala and the region. Click on the title to see the article.


(published May 2010)

Chris Warren gets some time in the green room at the surfer haven Sipacate. 

The Sunday Market in Chichicastenango

(published January 2010)

Claire Bourgín takes us to the mother of all souvenir markets.

The Kan’ Ba’ Caves

(published November 2009)

Claire Bourgin gets wet and wild while rafting at Semuq Champey.

Laguna de Lachuá

(published September 2009)

Get right off the beaten track to this beautiful hidden lagoon with Claire Bourgin.

Hiking in Nebaj

(published August 2009)

Take a stroll through the Cuchumatanes with Claire Bourgin.

Yaxhá, Peten

(published July 2009)

Claire Bourgin explores this often-overlooked gem, deep in the Petén jungle.