Why is this Popular?

Regular contributor and gadfly about town Steve Mullaney teaches at a middle school here in Xela. He sends us monthly reports called “Why is This Popular” on his teens’ fashion-related and habit-related obsessions.

Creatively spelled names

(published November 2010)

Ever wondered where the name Yaneli came from?

Tweety Bird Stickers

(published October 2010)

How can you not love them?

Blaming the Sick

(published September 2010)

You know it’s your fault.

Military Marching Bands

(published August 2010)

Strap on a big bass drum and make some noise, people.

The Nickname “Chino”

(published January 2010)

There’s at least one “Chino” in every group, even though very few Guatemalans have ever seen a Chinese person in real life.

Bracelets With Letters

(published December 2009)

Express yourself, Guat teen style.

Moco de Gorilla Hair Goo

(published October 2009)

Having trouble getting your feaux-hawk to stand up? Steve’s got the answer.

Soda-Can-Tab Bracelets

(published September 2009)

Edgar, a middle school student at a local school unravels the mystery behind these beguiling jewelry items.

Why Is This Popular: Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona Gear

(published August 2009)

Ricardo and Jorge, med students at a local university, expound on the joys of European football merchandising gear.

Converse Shoe T-Shirts

(published July 2009)

Everson and Juan, 9th graders at a local school tell us why they wear the T shirt but not the shoes.

Jack Gear

(published June 2009)

Jack may be a scary-ass skeleton, but he sure moves a lot of product.