Fashion Police

Going on the road means a series of often-heartbreaking sacrifices. Don’t let your sense of style be one of them. 

Badges on Backbacks

(published October 2006)

Do you really think we care where you’ve been, much less where you’re from?

The Reef Sandals With Socks Look

(published September 2006)

Are you a retired grandparent? Well you’re excused, then.

The Indiana Jones Look

(published August 2006)

It’s a jungle out there, but not that kind of jungle.

Camel Toe

(published July 2006)

One for the ladies.

The Spanish Mullet

(published June 2006)

Some things never go out of style. Some never come in.

The Utility Belt

(published May 2006)

Equipment junkies: get some help.


(published April 2006)

Just ‘cos you’re on holiday doesn’t mean you can’t wash your hair.

Mayan Clothing

(published March 2006)

Blending in? We think not.

Grunge look

(published February 2006)

Grandma would be shocked. The rest of us are just confused.

Travel Pants

(published January 2006)

On a covert mission to invade a small country: acceptable. Otherwise: not.