Taxi Services

We acknowledge Xela as a wonderful, fun-loving, generally tranquilo place.  However, for anyone who has ever read the crime section within the Prensa Libre you will come across enough stories reminding you that it can get sketchy out there—especially at night.

With your safety in mind we bring you “Taxistas de Confianza” a selection of already-vetted taxi drivers in case you are getting a negative vibe from the driver you just woke up in Parque Central who is also noticeably blitzed.

  • Taxi “Don Mario” – 5827-7865
  • Taxi “Don Tomas” – 5165-3674
  • UniTax (must know address) -5586-9729
  • Taxi Blanco & Azul, (radio taxi service,  must know your address) – 7763-2285
  • Taxi “Don Enrique” – 5345-4031

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