Arts, Culture & History

Get the lowdown on what’s been happening in the Cuna de la Cultura

Spotlight On

We talk to Xela’s cultural movers and shakers

Aquí me Quedo

Diana Pastor reviews the latest made-in-Xela movie

Why is this Popular?

Steve Mullaney looks at befuddling teen trends in Xela

Urban Mythology

Gina Spigarelli reports on the Chupachava sightings around Xela


Cartoon versions of Guatemalan folk tales

¿Qué Onda Vos?

Our guide to speaking Guatemalan Spanish

The Mayan Calendar

Pedro Rodriguez looks to the stars

Gringo Enamorado

Robin Friday on hooking up the chivo way

Salsa Dancing in Xela: A Brief History

Rosita Pérez checks the development of the 1,2,3, pausa

The Ayudante’s Song: A Poem

In case you were doubting how freaking highbrow we are.

Ask Dr. Sabelotodo

The good doctor answers your questions about life in Guatemala

Mayan Numerology

Pedro Rodriguez plays the numbers game

Jade: A Mesoamerican Legacy

Franklin Cordon on the sacred green stone.

Trama Textile Cooperative

Maria Taylor weaves her own memory of Guatemala.

Know Your ‘Nangos

Riley Lynch gets his head around Guatemalan place names.

La Ultima Morada (The Ultimate Dwellingplace)

S. Eliot Chandler goes for a stroll in Xela’s cemetery.

History Lesson: Who’s On the Five?

Robin Friday checks his wallet and spots some famous faces.


Adam Garett-Clark eyeballs some men with guns

(Central) American Grafitti

James “Earl” Gray checks out some free artwork

Superchivos Report

They may be losers, but they’re our losers