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Who needs LP when you’ve got XW?

Day Tripper

Get out of town

On the Road Guatemala

Get way out of town

Pullman Bus Guide

1st Class bus details

Chicken Bus Guide

2nd Class bus details

Dr Sabelotodo

The good doctor answers questions on life in Guatemala

Tightwad Heaven

Where to go when you got no dough

Lesser Media

In case you finish XelaWho before the month is up


Robin Friday on the do’s and don’ts of chicken bussing


Patrick Billings in defence of chicken buses

Consumer reports

The hows and wheres of buying pirated CDs 

Dial it numbers

For man cannot live on noodles alone…

Xela Map

For all you cartography fetishists out there

Paca Attack

Cynthia Ord digs deep in the used clothing market 

The Joys of Bartending

Gina Sigarelli gets a job

Xela vs Antigua

The final showdown

Driving in Guatemala

James “Earl” Gray loves driving in Guatemala. Except when he doesn’t.

Safety at the ATM…Part 17 and Counting

We thought it bore repeating.

There’s Never a Problem Until There’s a Problem

Why we love ASISTUR

Surviving Xela’s Rainy Season

Steve Mullaney hunkers down for a wet one.

Lessons from a Mochillera

Emily Zielke recaps the basics.

Visa Runs

90 days up? Here are your options.

Por la Carretera: From Texas to Guatemala by Bus

Riley Lynch gets a sore butt, all in the name of research.