Well, we thought it was funny.

Please Log on to My New Blog

You won’t be disappointed.

I Knew Who Che Guevara Was Way Before I Bought This T-Shirt

Michael Kincaid is the real deal.

Ex-pat Happy: Shocking Claims

The things he said… shocking…

The Revue review

Steve Mullaney reads Revue so you don’t have to

CSI: Xela to Begin Filming Next Month

Well, we’re excited.

Chicken Bus Driver Fired for Driving too Slowly, Sober

We don’t think it’ll happen again. By Chris Perras.

The Explainer: Hiper-Paiz Conspiracy Theories, Part I

Steve Mullaney hits the mall.

Occasional Series on Hiper-Paiz: The Shoe Store Conspiracy

Steve Mullaney feeds his obsession.

Soccer Game Breaks Out at Riot

Chris Perras investigates.

Microfinance Volunteer Resigns After Finding Microloans From Parents Non-Sustainable

We knew it was too good to last. By Chris Perras.

Foreigner Loves Being Only Gringo in Town

“It was awesome” he tells Cynthia Ord.

Rasta Copkiller Denies Shooting Deputy

A shocking confession from beyond the grave.

Fortune Telling in Guatemala

Steve Mullaney pries open the Ay, Chingado.

How to Divorce Your Host Family

Steve Mullaney explains that a firm hand is the kindest measure.

What to do With 10-Centavo Coins

Steve Mullaney is tired of jangling when he walks.

In Praise of Guatemalan Paperwork

Steve Mullaney gets it in triplicate.

The Ayudante: A Romantic Goldmine

Miriam Pope is a sucker for a guy in a greasy pair of jeans.

Spanish School Dropout Rates on the Rise

Cynthia Ord finds that receiving your diploma may not be as important as hooking up with your teacher.

Long-Term Marijuana Use Leads to Watchamacallit: Study

Pot smoking: Not as good for you as you may have thought.

My Guatemalan Boyfriend

Kendal Bergman is in love.

English Teachers to Launch Rival Publication

Look out for the first edition of XelaWhom.

Love On the Road

Adam Garrett-Clark lays down the ground rules.