There are a few good websites about Xela out there. If you know of any others, we’d love to hear about them…

Entre Mundos An excellent one stop shop that’s all about volunteering in general and in Xela in specific

Xela Pages Heaps of information in English about Xela and the surrounding countryside and a very useful discussion forum

Municipality of Quetzaltenango Local council website that has some good stuff on it every once in a while, if you can read Spanish

El Metropolitano The website of the bi-monthly magazine devoted to news about Xela

El Quetzalteco Xela’s thrice-weekly local newspaper

Cafe Conciencia
An organic, fair trade coffee co-op with an office here in Xela

Xela en Linea  The best resource for Xela, in Spanish

La Ruta Maya For info on all of Guatemala