Shuttle Bus Schedule/Guide

It’s an age old non-debate. Let’s face it, you’re either a chicken bus person or a shuttle bus person. But in case you’re somehow still sitting on the fence, here are some things you can expect from both types of transportation:

Chicken buses:

Are cheap, slow (being that they drive like maniacs but stop everywhere to pick up passengers) and depart constantly throughout the day. They’re also crowded, a little scary (particularly on those mountain curves) and a haven for pickpockets and bagslashers.

Shuttle buses:

Are more expensive, faster (being that they go direct door-to-door) and depart once or twice a day. They can be less crowded, drivers are generally more tranquilo on the curves and are much less crime-prone.


Below are the destinations offered by Xela’s shuttle operators. All prices are in US dollars. You can book a ticket at any travel agency in town, including the ones advertised throughout this magazine. Make sure you ask if there’s a minimum passenger requirement – some routes require two or even four passengers before leaving.

Fuentes Georginas ($10, 30 mins) departs 8am & 3pm
Panajachel ($15, 2 hrs) departs 7am & 3pm
Chichicastenango ($15, 2.5hrs) departs 8am* & 3pm
Antigua ($25, 4 hrs) departs 8am & 3pm
Huehuetenango ($20, 2.5hrs) departs 8am & 3pm
Guatemala ($30, 5 hrs) departs 8am & 3pm
Todo Santos ($60, 5.5 hrs) departs 8am
Cobán ($50, 10 hrs) departs 8am
La Mesilla ($25, 4.5 hrs) departs 8am
San Salvador, El Salvador ($55, 7 hrs) departs 8am
Lanquín ($52, 14 hrs) departs 8am
Monterrico ($35, 5.5 hrs) departs 8am
Copán, Honduras ($48, 8 hrs) departs 8am
Nebaj ($35, 8 hrs) departs 8am
Puerto Barrios ($35, 7 hrs) departs 8am
Rio Dulce ($38, 9 hrs) departs 8am
Flores/Tikal ($55, 14 hrs) departs 8am
San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico ($30, 8 hrs) departs 8am
Tapachula, Mexico ($25, 5.5hrs) departs 5am

* NOTE: On Thursdays and Sundays the Chichicastenango morning shuttle leaves at 7am to arrive in time for the market.