Wireless Internet Finder

Find a spot to bathe yourself & laptop in that oh-so-useful (yet hopefully harmless) electromagnetic radiation. Did we miss a spot? E-mail us at xelawho [at] gmail.com. (Only places require at most purchase of food/drink, please.).

Check out the locations of these spots on our useful interactive map.


Zona 1 – On or to the west of 12a Avenida (west of Parque Central)

Albamar Restaurant, 12a Avenida at 7a Calle

Albamar Restaurant, Calle Rodolfo Robles 14A-63

Artesano Bakery & Café, 7a Calle, 15-18

Baviera Café, 5a Calle 13-14

Black Cat Restaurant & Bar, 13a Avenida 3-33, 7765-8951

Blue Angel Video-Café, 7a Calle 15-79

Café Guru, Corner of 6a Calle & 15a Avenida, (inside Celas Maya)

Cafetera.net,15a Avenida y 8a Calle 13-77, tel. 7761-0588

Café Lounge, 13 Avenida, 6-16

Café Nativos, inside Pasaje Enriquez

Centro Cultural Los Chocoyos, 7a Calle 15-20, tel. 7761-6497

Chill Out Bar, 7a Calle, 7-27, Zona 1

Champions Sports Bar, 5a Calle, 12-46 (Pasaje Enriquez)

Dos Tejanos, Inside Pasaje Enriquez

El Cuartito, 13a Avenida 7-09

El Portal de la Quinta, Inside Pasaje Enriquez

Hotel Modelo (in restaurant), 14a Avenida “A” 2-31, tel. 7761-2529

La Guarida, 7a Calle, 15-42

La Taberna de Don Rodrigo, 14a Avenida C-51

Old School Bar, 14a “A”, 1-49

Royal Paris, 14a Avenida “A” 3-06, tel. 7761-1942

Xelapages.com (laptop stations), 4a Calle 19-48, tel. 7761-4396


On or to the EAST of 11a Avenida (east of Parque Central)

Al-Natur Café & Fair Trade Shop, 10a Avenida, 5-33

Café Los Balcones,  7a Calle 10-67 Zona 1, tel. 7761-4847

La Luna Café y Museo, 8 Avenida, 4-11, Zona 1

Café R.E.D., 8 Avenida, 5-19, Zona 1

Kaffetos Coffee Shop, 6a Calle, 10-01


Zona 3

Albamar Restaurant, 16a Avenida 1-79

Café Baviera (San Lucas Medical Building), 13a Avenida @ 6a Calle

Café Baviera II, 22a Avenida 4-49, tel. 7832-2981

Pollo’s Orale, 6a Calle 14-17, tel 7767-4590

Provenzal Coffee Shop No. 1, 6a Calle 16-42, tel. 7767-4463

Provenzal Coffee Shop No. 2, 18a Avenida 4-50, tel. 7767-4463

Tre Fratelli, Centro Comercial La Pradera

Wendy’s, 4a Calle between 16a Avenida “A” and 17a Avenida


Note that Pollo Campero also offers free Wi-Fi at its locations throughout Xela, including its location at 5a Calle 10-40, Zona 1, east of Parque Central.