Recipe of the Month

XelaWho’s pro chef, Simone Riddle, makes Guatemalan and Central-American themed recipes so easy that even we can make them. Check out some of the articles below and try cooking up some of the scrumptious treats for yourself!

Pollo a la Moza

We don’t know why you’d have any spare Cerveza Moza left over in your fride that you hadn’t already drunk, but in case you do – here’s an even better use for it than drinking it!

Pastel de Tres Leches

A traditional Guatemalan dessert – make it for your homestay family and they’ll never want you to leave!

Platano en Gloria

Fried plantains, butter, orange juice and honey – need we say more?

Carne Guisada

A traditional Guatemalan meaty broth to warm you up on those cold Xela nights.

Enchiladas a la Chapin

Mexican enchiladas with a chapin twist!

Ponche Navideno

We recommend adding the alcohol to this one so you host your very own posada


One of Guatemala’s favourite dishes!

Arroz Guatemalteco

Thought you were a rice pro? Think again and try cooking it the chapin way.

Sopa de Frijoles

Bean soup!

Caldo de Res

Meat soup!

Algo para Picar

Try these out next time you have friends over and wow them over your guacemole and pico de gallo-making skills!

Frijoles Blancos a la Vegetariana

One for the veggies out there!

Garbanzos de Miel

Only ever used chickpeas in savory dishes? Try this one out for a change and see how they taste smothered in sugar and honey.

Caldo de Huevo

Guatemala’s very own hangover cure.

Milanesa de Res

Meaty goodness.

Radish, Cucumber & Mint Salad

One to try for your next pot-luck dinner – preferably when it’s nice and sunny outside.

Frijoles Negros

‘Cos no-one does frijoles like Guatemala

Chili Coban Chirmol

Spice up your life with this hot, hot, hot chilli sauce.