Xela Monthly Movie Guide

Alba Cinema @ La Padrera

For your full cinematic experience, complete with buckets of popcorn, gigantic sodas, greasy hot-dogs and cheesy nachos, head on down to Alba Cinemas at La Padrera Shopping Mall (in the same mall as Wall Mart – ask to get of the bus at “Hiper Paiz”). Expect your usual array of Hollywood Blockbusters – predominantly animated family flicks, RomComs, action movies and horror films.

We have an abundance of action and explosions to look forward to in December with the release of Star Wars Episode 7!  as  well as a new Charlie Brown flick!

Check out Alba’s film times at: http://www.albacinema.com.gt/cartelera/

Casa de los Tiempos

Casa de los Tiempos puts on some good educational documentaries about Guatemala as well as a selection of national & international films at their HQ on Thursdays and Fridays at 3pm (Q10 incl coffee).

La Guarida

La Guarida, near Puente los Chocoyos, has a cinema in their café with a wide selection of movies & documentaries to choose from. Every Sunday is Movie Night, which costs Q10 (incl. popcorn) if you want to be seated in the cinema area, but free if not.

Blue Angel

Blue Angel Video Café by Puente de los Chocoyos puts on two films every night, which you can enjoy with dinner. They also have a monthly schedule with a wide variety of films. These monthly schedules can be found posted on the door outside the cafe.